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Rights in the Workplace


Rights in the workplace covers those working full time, part time, casual and those working under zero hour contracts.

The general position is this: an employee has to build up a minimum period of continuous service to qualify for his/her statutory employment rights. However, the time period varies as following:

  • Statement of Employment of the terms of employment- within one month of the start date
  • Itemized wage slips–immediate
  • National minimum wage –immediate
  • Statutory sick pay [subject to the eligibility criteria]  – immediate
  • Equal pay –immediate
  • Unlawful deduction from wages-immediate
  • Working time regulations, including 28 days annual leave- immediate
  • Statutory maternity pay – immediate
  • Statutory maternity pay/paternity pay- 26 weeks upon the 15th week before the expected date of confinement.
  • Trade union membership – immediate
  • Time off for family emergencies- immediate [unpaid]
  • Health & Safety requirement –immediate
  • Guarantee payment- one month
  • Flexible working hours – 6 months
  • Redundancy payment- 2 years
  • Time off to look for alternative work/ training if under notice of redundancy
  • DSS redundancy pay in the event of the employer’s insolvency
  • DSS payments of wages, including holiday pay in the event of the employer’s insolvency.
  • Not to be unfairly dismissed – 2 years or more
  • To request written reasons for dismissal- 2 years.
  • Not to be discriminated against or harassed on any ground connected to a protected characteristic- immediate
  • Not to be discriminated against on the grounds of working part time or on a fixed term contract immediate