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Jewish surveyor awarded £20,000 payout after he was forced to quit his job because of boss’s anti-Semitic rants

A Jewish surveyor received £20,000 in compensation today after a tribunal found that his bullying boss repeatedly taunted him and said he wanted to lock up and gas ‘Yids’ like Apprentice star Lord Sugar’s son.

Darren Feldman’s manager Chris Oates also repeatedly invited him to JuJu, an exclusive champagne bar on London’s King’s Road and mocked Jewish Tottenham football fans.

Mr Oates also said he wanted to run past the club’s White Hart Lane stadium wearing an Arsenal top with ‘IVOR 4 SKIN’ printed on the back.

Referring to Lord Sugar’s son Daniel, with whom he was negotiating a deal, Mr Oates said: ‘Quite frankly they’re all a bunch of Yids. I’d like to lock them in the building and gas them all.’

A panel at Central London employment tribunal ruled that Mr Feldman, 33, was hounded out of his £47,500-a-year job with private hospital group HCA International.

It found the firm and Mr Oates guilty of race and religious discrimination and harassment, ruling that Mr Feldman was constructively dismissed.

Mr Feldman, of Teddington, south-west London, was awarded £15,000 for injury to feelings and £5,000 for lost earnings.

Speaking after the tribunal, Mr Feldman said: ‘I am very relieved by this outcome. I was so disturbed by my treatment at HCA and it is a shame the company fought this to the end.

‘I hope HCA takes action to make sure this never happens again.’

HCA’s London hospitals also include the Portland, Princess Grace, Wellington, Lister, London Bridge, Harley Street Clinic, and Harley Street at University College Hospital.

Mr Feldman’s solicitor Shilpen Savani of law firm DWFM Beckman, said: ‘This is an extreme instance of an employer failing to safeguard an employee.
‘Mr Feldman should never have been subjected to such abuse.’

Giving evidence, qualified surveyor Mr Feldman told how he joined HCA as a construction project manager in April last year.

Colleagues soon learned that he was Jewish when he showed them a tattoo in Hebrew on his ankle.

He told how director of estates and projects Mr Oates, who is in his 40s and not Jewish, called him into his office.

Mr.Feldman said: ‘Chris asked me what I thought of the idea of his to run down White Hart Lane wearing an Arsenal football top with the writing ‘IVOR 4 SKIN’ on the back. He wrote it out on a piece of scrap paper.

‘This was a derogatory and offensive reference to the fact that Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is known to have a large contingent of Jewish supporters.

‘I did not know how to answer that question as I was shocked and offended.’

Mr Feldman said that his tormentor then looked up bar JuJu on an iPad and showed him the search results.

‘Chris then asked if I wanted to go to a club after work which is located along King’s Road called JuJu. He pointed his finger at me saying “want to go to JuJu, Juju?” repeating it several times in an intimidating manner.’

‘Chris was not only a bully in the way that he treated me but he was also seriously abusive towards me because I was Jewish.’

In his evidence, Mr Feldman said that on his boss’s birthday the pair discussed doing a potential business deal with Daniel Sugar, son of Apprentice star and former Tottenham chairman Lord Sugar.

Spanish electrician Juan Ignacio, who sued HCA International in 2009 after being nicknamed ‘Manuel’ after the Fawlty Towers waiter at London Bridge Hospital

Mr Oates is alleged to have said: ‘I’m just messing them around. Quite frankly they’re all a bunch of Yids. I’d like to lock them in the building and gas them all’.

It will be the second payout by American firm HCA, the world’s largest private hospital group, in recent years after a race discrimination claim.

HCA and Mr Oates strenuously denied Mr Feldman’s allegations.

A string of HCA witnesses including Mr Oates, who remains at the firm, had also denied Mr Feldman’s allegations of racism but the tribunal rejected their evidence.

HCA said that it is ‘deeply disappointed’ by the judgment and considering an appeal.

A spokesperson said: ‘HCA has a clear code of conduct around acceptable, professional and ethical behaviour and offers an inclusive, open and supportive working environment for all our staff.’

In 2009, Spanish electrician Juan Ignacio alleged that he was nicknamed ‘Manuel’ after the Fawlty Towers waiter by workmates at HCA’s London Bridge Hospital.

He complained he was taunted with the famous ‘I know nothing’ and ‘Que?’ catchphrases used by Andrew Sachs’s iconic sitcom character.

He claimed that bullying bosses mocked his accent and jibed ‘He’s from Barcelona’ in front of others – the standard excuse made for Manuel by John Cleese’s Basil.

Mr Ignacio sued HCA for race and sexual orientation discrimination, harassment and constructive dismissal.

On the first day of his planned five-day hearing HCA agreed to pay him an undisclosed sum in an out-of-court settlement without admitting any liability.