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Judge hits out at asylum lawyers

LAWYERS for asylum seekers have been attacked by one of Britain’s most senior judges for making ­“hopeless” attempts to block deportations.

Sir John Thomas said some law firms wasted court time by taking on “terrible cases with no prospect of success”.
Sir John, president of the High Court’s Queen’s Bench Division, also accused some asylum seekers of “hoodwinking” solicitors with false information.He said: “One of the problems is that these are people in a situation of some desperation and they behave dishonestly towards solicitors.

“People in a desperate situation go to solicitor A, who gives them robust advice, and then solicitor A is sacked and they go along to solicitor B who gives advice enabling an application to go forward when it should not.”

His comments follow the £1.7million public cost of deporting hate cleric Abu Qatada this month over seven years.

Yesterday Ukip immigration spokesman Gerard Batten said solicitors making “frivolous” applications should be financially hit.